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Here at Mulberry Travel we’ve assembled some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to Brexit and the uncertainty that we currently face.

How will Brexit affect my holiday?

Many of our customers are already booking their travel plans for 2019, and have questions about what might happen after 29 March 2019 when the UK leaves the European Union (EU).

The political process is still on-going and we don’t yet know the final outcome, however there have been some reassurances recently around flights and visas and these are reflected in the ABTA Brexit advice for travellers page.

Most Commonly Asked Brexit Questions (and Answers)

I’ve booked a holiday for this year – will it still go ahead?

If the EU and the UK government reach a deal on Brexit, there will be a two year transition period. That means nothing changes until 31 December 2020.

Even in a no-deal scenario, both the UK authorities the European Commission has said flights to and from the UK will operate as normal so we are confident that Freedom Travel Group will be able to offer all our package holidays as planned.

Do I need to get a new passport following the Brexit vote?

No. However, if you’re planning on travelling to Europe after 29 March 2019, you might need to renew your passport earlier than planned.

Before you travel, please use this tool to check you have enough time left on your UK passport. For further details on the rules for passports and the countries affected, please visit the Passport rules for travel to Europe page.

Will I need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit?

No, the European Commission has announced that even in a no-deal scenario, British holidaymakers can still travel to the EU without a visa.

Will my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) still be valid after Brexit?
UK registered EHICs will no longer be valid in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

We recommend that travellers take out comprehensive travel insurance ahead of any trip, no matter where they are
travelling to. For more information please speak to the professional who made your booking. You are, of course, free to purchase insurance from any provider.

What about using my mobile phone abroad? Will roaming charges increase following the Brexit vote?

Currently the cost of making calls, sending messages and using the Internet on your mobile phone while in the EU is the
same as while in the UK. In a no-deal scenario, these rules will no longer apply.

Some UK mobile phone providers may continue to offer this to their customers after 29 March. We’d recommend you check with your provider before travelling.

Will I get a refund if my flight is cancelled after Brexit?

If the EU and the UK government reach a deal on Brexit, there will be a two year transition period. That means nothing changes until 31 December 2020. Even in a no-deal scenario, we expect all flights to operate as normal after 29 March. All of our package holidays are protected under the Package Travel Regulations. This means you will be entitled to a full refund should your holiday not go ahead.

Full ABTA & ATOL Protection

Irrespective of Brexit, we have the necessary bonding and licenses to ensure that when you book with us you can have complete faith that your money is safe. We are also part of the Thomas Cook Group giving you additional security and complete peace of mind.Our ABTA bond is held under ref Q8318 and we book packages including a flight under ATOL license 11741.

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