Experience Lavishing, Venetian-Styled History & Culture At Gritti Palace Hotel, Venice

Are you travelling to Venice?

Do you want to explore this North-Italian city from a lavishing point of view?

Come and experience Venice from the iconic, lavishing, and plush chain of a luxury hotel in the city – Gritti Palace Hotel, Venice!

Nestled overlooking the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice, the world-famous Gritti Palace boasts some of Venice’s most lavishing hotels and Inns in the city. With its magnificent position; the hotel offers guests the most overwhelming and enthralling views of this lagoon city!

Right from the desert island of San Giorgio Maggiore to the landmarks of Punta Della Dogana, from Peggy Guggenheim Collection to Santa Maria Della Salute Basilica; you can see most of the must-see views and breathtaking natural vistas of the city from this palace hotel.

Synopsis Of Gritti Palace Hotel’s History

Dates back to 1475, this ancient and dignified palace-turned-luxury hotel is one of the most expensive and grand hotels of Venice to stay in. Providing an exceptional art culture and elegance of the rich Italian history; this palace hotel has been reassuringly intimate, accessible, and familiar to the guests and holidaymakers coming to Venice.

If you’re planning a Venice trip; do add Gritti Palace Hotel to your accommodation list! It is a perfectly peaceful retreat for those looking for a romantic and luxurious holiday in Venice. World-class arts, splendid architecture, delectable cuisines, and loads of water views, The Gritti Palace Hotel undoubtedly boasts the heart of the city of Venice.

The hotel itself is as beautiful, as charming, and as romantic as Venice is. The George Clooney styled luxury, the original artworks in the interior, the sumptuous rooms and suites, and of course the most delicious local cuisines – this luxurious palace hotel has an alluring hint of everything that a modern traveller can look forward to.

Why Should You Stay At the Gritti Palace Hotel?

  • The rooms here are elegantly beautiful and breathtakingly charming, boasting traditional Venetian decors, antique furnishings, and glass chandeliers.
  • Gritti Palace Hotel, Venice is located at the most dazzling and teeming stretch of the Grand Canal; overlooking Venice’s most beautiful church – Santa Maria Della Salute!
  • The hotel is home to hundreds of precious vintage paintings and priceless artefacts which all together add to the beauty of this place.
  • The palace’s intimate, socially-rich, and historic character and appearances have been restored in the hotel for providing guests with an illusion of 15th-century Venetian palazzo.
  • From the courteous and friendly staff to 24-hour room service, bar, delicious foods, golf course, restaurant, and much more – this lavishing palace hotel has plenty of modern and classic amenities for you.

Rooms and suites, retaining the Venetian period splendour alongside the marble-clad bathrooms are filled with vintage paintings, precious antiques, frescoes, and fine-looking fabrics.

Special arrangements to make your holiday trip exciting and luxurious at The Orient Express

How about experiencing the breathtaking views on a luxurious ride? If you love travelling to different awe-inspiring destinations and exploring the secrets to create stories to cherish, get ready for a wonderful trip! Riding on the fast wheels of The Orient Express will be one of those exciting and adventurous moments of your life that you will cherish lifelong!

About the vintage carriage!

The vintage carriage got renovated and customized to deliver exclusive personal services to the passengers. The renovated carriage gets ranked among the world’s great luxury trains and guarantees to make the holiday trip memorable! The private cabins with sophisticated and tweed furnishings are perfect for savouring the glorious scenery in the UK. You can celebrate some special moments of your life, i.e., anniversary or birthday, stylishly.

Grand arrangements for accommodation

The premium facilities, vibrant interiors and luxurious hospitality will make your journey worth the expenses! The special arrangements and facilities within the cabins and suites vary with the budget. The Grand Suites introduced a year back will make the journey iconic! Double Cabin Suite and Double Cabin are perfect for two persons.

Solo travellers can book single cabins, but it runs out before time as limited numbers of cabins are available! First reservation will help to travel without paying extra costs, and it is occasionally possible to combine single cabins to create single cabin suite which will cost the charge of one double cabin.

Fulfil your urge of tasting special dishes of European cuisines

Foodies enjoy the unique dishes of European cuisine in Belmond Orient Express. The three unique restaurant carriages have unique decor and feel to captivate the travellers. The guests can expect the highest level of service and outstanding cuisine. Don’t miss to enjoy the special native dishes made by the chef!

The travellers also can place the order for a specific diet. Make sure to mention the specific dietary requirements at the booking time. Go through the menu and learn about the meal and dining time to avoid the inconvenience!

Enjoy some special moments at the bar

Before dinner, don’t miss to enjoy a cocktail on board! You will get like-minded travellers onboard, and you can make new friends and expand your networking. Travellers get inimitable experience at the bar with drinks and the soothing music from a grand piano.

The champagne-bar stocks vintage champagnes and the head mixologist creates a unique cocktail with a secret combination of eleven spirits and champagne. After dinner, don’t forget to enjoy the night at the bar!

Make the reservations fast

Book for UK Day trip with Belmond Orient Express and enjoy the ride in the vintage carriage to different destinations. You can experience the excitement of a luxurious voyage from London to Venice, Paris, Berlin, Verona, Budapest, Istanbul and Prague.

Learn about the travel dates and special offers and travel packages to get the best price. Travellers availing the booking under special package can ask to tailor the services as per individual needs.

Venice Simplon Orient Express – 6 Things You Must Know

The original Venice Simplon-Orient-Express ran in between 1883 and 2009. In its halcyon days, Orient Express was the most popular and luxurious train to run in Europe. With glamorous routes, delectable foods, and unparalleled luxury, the train was one of the most popular carriages of its time. However, with exceptional services; its name became permanently associated with luxury, glamour, stratagem, and even murder!

However, keeping past aside, the tradition of Venice Simplon Orient Express – providing guests the optimal level of luxury still lives on with; running across various locations of the European continents. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express or VSOE makes weekly luxury journeys all across Europe, offering deluxe suites, gourmet meals, refreshing drinks, private overnight cabins, bar car, and dining cars, and highly professional staffs.

Within its wonderfully architected and restored historical train carriages; you can take a signature trip of 36-hours from London to Venice and experience the most lavishing train journey of your life (if you can afford it)! If you are actually planning a holiday in Venice and want to book Orient Express in advance; here’re some interesting facts you should keep in mind always.

Things To Know About Orient Express

Find out everything about this luxury train before you fire up your rail journey and cross a host of luxury European destinations aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Train.

  • Smoking is completely prohibited when you are onboard! In order to meet with the Italian and other European regulations; smoking has been completely banned on board the Orient Express train.
  • You have to maintain a specific dress code while on board Orient Express Venice. You can’t be overdressed. Men have to be dressed in suits and women in smart attires for dinner. Jeans is entirely banned on the train. For daytime and excursions; casual and comfortable outfits are recommended.
  • The staffs of the train only speak some particular languages like French, English, and Italian while on board the continental train.
  • Prices for each segment of the train are pre-quoted. However, you are still recommended to have a small number of Euro for any further purchases. Most of the major currencies alongside travellers’ cheques, Euro Cheques, and all credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, and JCB cards are acceptable on the train.
  • There are some restrictions regarding luggage and baggage of the passengers, due to space deficiency. One piece of handbag and one overnight bag or suit carrier will be placed in your cabin, and one suitcase will be stored in the baggage car. It will remain inaccessible until the journey ends.

Trips on the vintage Orient Express train can last from one to multiple days. However, the traditional route from London to Venice usually takes two days.

Luxurious voyage to European destinations with Simplon Orient Express to enrich your desires

Do you love travelling to different destinations? How about fulfilling your aspiration within luxurious arrangements? You can enrich your voyage with excitement and get everything required to make it luxurious! Board on London to Venice Train customized to deliver unique experiences and make the trip memorable.

Simplon Orient Express is originally a passenger train revamped with modern and luxurious arrangements and facilities to offer top travel experiences. You will love to visit different European destinations stylishly! You will adore meeting like-minded travellers from around the world.

The renovated luxurious carriage waits for a glorious voyage with its passengers!

The vintage carriage includes everything to deliver sublime comfort and create travel memories! The guests enjoy personal services along with special facilities of cabin configurations, champagne bar, bar car, dining carriage. Get ready for a glorious trip on the specially renovated train!

The London to Venice Train would make the trip expenses worth it! Depart from London and enjoy the overnight ride to Venice with the luxurious facilities and arrangements made for ensuring a royal feel. Spend a memorable time in Venice and fly back to London. Travellers count on unique experiences, fine dining, and authentic vintage cabins on the trip!

The list of European destinations includes Budapest, Istanbul, Verona, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin. Check out the scheduled journey dates and timetable and the prices! Finalize the destination and date and make the reservation for making your holiday exciting and memorable.

The grand arrangements made within the vintage carriage to meet your expectations

The Grand Suites offer a double bed and living area with private en-suite bathroom and private in-suite dining arrangements. The Double Cabin Suite is a two-interconnected double cabin customized to meet the requirements of the travellers. The configurations of a Double Cabin at the day time are as a lounge with footstool, banquette sofa, a small table, and washbasin cabinet. The lounge converts to a perfect relaxing place at night! Solo travellers can reserve single cabins from the limited numbers available on board.

You will get excited to taste freshly prepared European cuisine by the skilled Chef! The Chef will also prepare any specific diet upon request. The carriage has three restaurants with unique decor. Proper arrangements are made for the travellers to enjoy the meal in all the carriages throughout the journey. Guests must note down the scheduled meal timings!

Apart from the special dining offers, you can spend some thrilling time in the bar car! Don’t miss to enjoy the ‘Guilty Twelve’ cocktail made from a secret combination of champagne and eleven spirits. Guests are free to order for the cocktail of their choice. Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of chilled vintage champagne at the champagne bar. Travellers spend a comforting time at the bar within the unique atmosphere with music from a baby grand piano.

Book the tickets and enjoy the luxurious ride

Check out the packages and special offerings tailored to meet individual requirements! Book your journey specifying every detail in prior, to stay away from inconvenience. Start counting the days to fulfil your desires of travelling on a luxurious voyage on fast wheels!