A Quick Luxury Italian Holiday Guide For Every Traveler

From the land of modern art and history – the glamorous Rome to the splendour and colour of Venice, from the iconic and marvellous Florence and the old-fashioned Trulli homes of Puglia, from the liking Tower of Pisa to Naples, the busiest metropolitan city of the country; Italy is undoubtedly a motherland of year-long delights.

As a holidaymaker, if you’re looking for a rich, memorable, and luxury holiday trip with your beloved or family or even friends should pay a visit to this land of modernism at least once! Iconic art treasures, charming and bustling towns, dazzling landscapes, friendly locals, and top-class cuisines; a well-planned Luxury Italian Holiday could be the most memorable trip of your life!

5 Must-See Places In Italy

Rome – When you’re in Italy, don’t forget to visit Rome and head to the ancient Romanian glories including the Forum, the Colosseum, the Appian Way, the Pantheon, and the Palatine Hill!

Venice – Don’t you love to explore a city whose waterlines are actually the roads, the boats are the buses, and magic is everywhere? Venice should be a must-see place when you’re in Italy!

Como – The world-famous, bluish lake is itself a summer retreat for travellers visiting Italy. Stretched watered-down lagoon, the stunning views of palm trees and camellias, and the artfully set town; Como surely deserves a stopover when you’re in Italy.

Milan – The fashion and architect capital of Italy, Milan boasts a multi-ethnic international outlook, a vibrant food culture, and luxury hotels to suit all budgets. Visitors, travelling to Italy must plan a trip to Milan for exploring the fashion culture of the country.

Florence – Evince of the splendour of Italian Renaissance; Florence is a signpost of world architecture, various art museums, and painting and sculpture masterpieces. If you are planning a Luxury Italian Holiday; do visit Florence!

Plan A Luxury Holiday To Italy With These Tips

Breathtaking natural landscapes, world-famous artistic heritage, multi-ethnic culture, and a culinary essence that’s simply off the charts; Italy has everything that a modern traveller can look for. If you want to make the most of your Italy trip, here’re some tips to follow:

  • Always plan a multi-centre holiday so that you can explore the art and culture-based cities, visit the beaches, lakes, and even the countryside locations. If you are a diehard foodie; do book culinary-themed tours and explore the food culture of Sicily and Tuscany.
  • If you are in Italy for a tranquil break from your daily life, make sure to book a peaceful escape package with good fine food and wine service alongside the accommodation service in a hotel, overlooking the Chianti’s rolling hills.

For adventurous holidaymakers; exploring the ancient and long-standing caves in the city of Matera; Basilicata will be a good option. For a more luxurious experience, you can book hotels in shores of Lake Como!

Experience Optimal Luxury At Orient Express Train

Are you planning an exotic and ultra-glamorous anniversary party for your beloved wife?

Or you are planning for a luxury trip to Venice this summer?

Whether its celebrating your special events or cherishing your marriage anniversary with all trend and style; booking a featured holiday pack for the world-famous, lavishing Orient Express will be the best thing to do. Thoroughly restored and highly maintained vintage carriages, alongside delicious foods, refreshing drinks, luxury onboard services, and stunning outside views; guests can experience the optimal level of lavishness during their trip to Venice.

Venice-Simplon Orient Express – Vintage Rail Travel With Loyalty & Lavishness

Launched initially as an ordinary train, running between Paris and Istanbul; the vintage Orient Express has now become synonymous with glamour, luxury, lavishness, and aristocratic lifestyle. Orient Express UK is more than just a train! Running between the UK to Venice, this train journey is something not everyone can afford. Travelling onboard this glorious and luxury vintage carriage gives you an unparalleled level of exotic, fascinating and aristocratic feeling.

Officially known as Venice-Simplon Orient Express (VSOE); this vintage train takes the route between London and Venice, for offering passengers an optimal and unrivalled level of luxury and upper-class services throughout the trip. Orient Express is now privately owned and controlled by Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) Limited. These trains are all designed with the well-maintained and classically restored train coaches; originating from the old epoch of the 1920s, 30s, and 50s.

VSOE starts its journey from London and slowly moves towards Paris, and finally concluding its trip to Venice. It runs approximately once in a week, from March to November, every year. Less often; the Orient Express Train also travels to other historic cities like Rome, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, and Istanbul. It covers the entire European continent; offering travellers breathtaking views of the European lifestyle, alongside delectable food, posh services, and luxury rail experience.

Making Of Orient Express

The European version of VSOE is made up of the time-honoured, 1920s sleeping-cars which add to the beauty of this classic carriage. The train, during its tour, cut across all the leading European countries including France, Germany, and many other Eastern countries; giving guests an unparalleled view of both modern and old Europe. The car consists of some exotic features like a bar car, dining cars, baggage storage cars, and much more for the guests. Apart from these amenities; the classic rail carriage also entails some lavishing other features like:

  • Archetypal car for baggage
  • Sleeping cars and coaches
  • A fine-dine car and restaurant coach
  • Couchette cars
  • A champagne bar

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11 Tips To Book Best Luna Hotel Baglioni, Venice

Venice is a pure trunk of holiday destinations – with multiple jaw-dropping natural beauties, a treasure trove of artistic and cultural masterpieces, and dazzling gastronomy. It’s one of the most attractive, intriguing, and charming places in Italy to visit. No matter what the season is, the foods, the landscapes, and the cherished Italian culture will always wow you when you’re in Venice.

If you want to enhance the magic of your Venice trip, then make sure to stay at the most elegant and most luxurious Luna Hotel Baglioni, Venice! There are several top-rated, world-class, and 5-star hotels available in Venice who will introduce you with the real art and culture of Italy. Such hotels highlight the incredible and breathtaking beauty of the Italian style and architectural lines.

While you will find some of the Baglioni hotels to be the home to fully-fledged art galleries, defining the art and culture of Italy; some will introduce you with the real Italian luxury. You can choose from the broad variety of deluxe suites, romantic rooms, grand villas, and prestigious suites- with all modern furnishing and lavishing amenities to make the most of your trip.

Essential Services To Look For

If you’re booking a Luna Hotel Baglioni; then make sure the hotel to have some essential amenities and features for enhancing the dissipation of your trip.

  • It must have top suites with spectacular panoramic views of Venice.
  • It must boast a fine-dine option for both locale cuisines and drinks.
  • The interior of the hotel must be enchanting and soothing.
  • The location of the inn must be easily accessible from the entry points and famous places of the city.
  • If you’re a shopaholic; make sure the hotel to be nestled in Venice’s most exclusive and popular shopping areas.
  • Multi-lingual Staffs with well-mannered behaviour and responsiveness is a must for any hotel.
  • It must have all the essential amenities including food on call, air conditioner, balcony, telephone, refrigerator, locker or safe in the room, and daily room service, etc.
  • There must be a bar and smoking area for drinkers and smokers.
  • All our rooms and suites should be as glamorous and as luxurious as the most graceful Italian abodes.
  • The rooms and hotel decor must be an expression of the luxurious and exceptional Italian craftsmanship and architectural richness.
  • There must be a perfection in every furnishing and interior decor of the rooms and suites.

Concluding, most of the Luna Hotel Baglioni, Venice remains packed for all over the year, due to a large number of tourists. SO if you’re planning for a Venice trip; make sure to book your rooms in advance. Also, while reserving the room or hotel, keep the points mentioned above in mind!

Experience Luxury By Staying At Belmond Villa San Michele, Florence

Are you planning for a luxurious tour to Florence – the land of Renaissance art and architecture?

Do you want to experience the optimal level of luxury and lavishness?

If so; don’t forget to stop over at Belmond Villa San Michele, Florence – one of the eldest and expensive hotels of Florence and relive the experience of extravagance in Italy!

A Quick-Peek Of Villa San Michele

In the 15th century, Villa San Michele was a lamasery; developed for the Franciscan friars! But today, it is one of the most fascinating, luxurious, and high-priced hotels in Europe. Nestled in the hills of Fiesole, facing Florence, Italy; this renaissance villa boasts antique Renaissance ambience with the most flawless, stunning, and breathtaking vistas of Florence.

Also boasting 21st-century comfort and luxury galore; this expensive hotel offers a classy and good taste of luxury, rather than flashy ones. Costly Florentine antique pieces, ancient master paintings, and the enchanting prints attune perfectly in the prehistoric ambience of this hotel. In true definition; Villa San Michele is the place where modern luxury has met the ancient Renaissance splendour.

Lavishing Accommodation Facilities Reflect Hotel’s Luxuriousness

The antique hotel boasts Europe’s most lavishing and luxurious accommodation facilities for its guests. The classy decor, the warm-toned interior, the expensive fabrics, and custom-made furniture altogether echo the rich and irresistible history of the hotel. Most of the rooms of the hotel have private and immaculate terraces gardens from where; you can see the lush views of hills, wooded lands, and greenery of Florence itself.

For special guests, the hotel provides monogrammed cushion cases; which is another level of luxury. The attentive and friendly staffs, the vaulted ceilings, antique furnishings, and the bottle-glass window panes define the real luxury of the hotel on the whole. The main building of the hotel has 22 well-furnished rooms while the garden annexes have 23 lavishing rooms for the guests’ accommodation.

From the fine-looking front part of the hotel; dedicated to Michelangelo to the colourful and splendid terraced gardens, from the finely detailed rooms to their absolutely lavishing furniture; every single detail of Belmond Villa San Michele, Florence is enough to take your breath away. It also has an excellent fine dining option for guests who want to get indulged in both local and international cuisines.

The picture-perfect terrace gardens, the panoramic pool – set in the emerald green lawn at the pinnacle point of the property are nothing less than a boon for guests during summer. During scorching weather, it almost gives a feeling of the spa. There is also a small yet fully-equipped 24/7 open gym alongside a stunning canopy in the garden for massages and relaxing open-air spa sessions.

Come and visit this luxurious, old-school hotel in Florence and redefine the absolute luxury!