Key To Andrea Bocelli 2019 Concerts In Lajatico

Arguably the most excellent and most well-known classical vocalist of all time, Andrea Bocelli has maintained his own identity across the world. He has spent more than two decades; grabbing the limelight for his spectacular voice and magical crossover of classical and pop music. As an international musical star, Andrea Bocelli has been one of the most potent tenors of all time.

Everything You Need To Know About Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli is the most popular and finest living tenor in the world. Born in Lajatico, Italy in 1958, Andrea Bocelli is the best-selling classical crossover artist of this generation. This Italian tenor is acknowledged for his exclusive and inimitable fusion of opera and pop music as well as his magical voice.

Alongside other parts of the world, he also treats his fans and followers with his magical and spectacular voice and music in his hometown Lajatico and this year will be no different. If you are a diehard classical or pop music fan and want to jazz up your summer holidays with some exotic music; then come and take an Andrea Bocelli Tour of his concerts in his native land Lajatico!

Andrea Bocelli Concert 2019 Details

Like every year, Andrea Bocelli is also returning to his hometown – Lajatico, Italy this year for treating his fans with some breathtaking and spectacular musical performances. If you are in Italy and want to join Andrea Bocelli 2019 concerts in his native land; then here’re some key points about his upcoming shows. His first concert in Lajatico is scheduled to take place on Thursday 25th July 2019, with very limited seat availability.

Likewise, the second date for the concert is Saturday 27th July 2019. On both dates, Andrea Bocelli will perform at the Teatro Del Silenzio; where he will take the lead role in his favourite Opera – Andrea Chénier. This is the same opera performed by Andrea Bocelli in 2018 and 2019 will also see a return to the same, highly indulging and interesting format in Andrea Bocelli’s concert.

The 14th Edition of this exceptional concert of Andrea Bocelli is titled as “Ali Di Libertà” and is primarily based on the concept of exploring the human fascination of flight in the fullness of time. The 2019 production for Andrea Bocelli Tour promises 2019’s events to be his best event yet. Also, for the very first time, this year’s concert will be recorded entirely by television cameras.

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Dazzle Up Summer With Spectacular Performances At Andrea Bocelli Concert

What are your plans for this summer?

Are you planning to go out with your family or spend some rocking time with your friends?

How about taking part in one of the world’s most famous and spectacular concerts in Lajatico, Italy, arranged by the world-famous singer, lyricist, and performer Andrea Bocelli? How about taking an Andrea Bocelli Tour and spend the sunny days and nights while enjoying the soulful voice of this international star at his hometown?

Andrea Bocelli – A True Classical & Operatic Musical Star

Andrea Bocelli has been delighting crowds for decades all over the world with his spectacular and distinctive tenor voice. A soulful voice, magical lyrics, and rocking music have made his an international start with zillions of fans and followers. He is globally recognized as one of the most famous and finest classical music singers of this generation.

Andrea Bocelli is vibrant and lively – boasting an expressive and magical voice with a charming personality. If you are in Italy and wondering what the best things to do in summer ’re; then buying tickets for Andrea Bocelli Concert and indulging yourself with the magical voice of Andrea Bocelli would be an excellent option for you.

If you are a diehard classical or operatic music lover; then attending one of his concerts in his hometown – Lajatico will be one of the most enjoyable, exciting, and memorable experiences of your life! Andrea Bocelli has a dazzling, expressive, and amazing voice and listening to his lyrics and music is bliss for even the non-music lovers.

Enjoy Andrea Bocelli’s Best Performance At His Hometown

Every year Andrea Bocelli comes back to his home town Lajatico, Italy for delighting crowd and his fans with a spectacular and memorable musical performance at the Teatro Del Silenzio. Almost every fan of Bocelli says that his ‘the best’ and ‘most special’ musical events are performed in the place of his origin and roots.

The concerts and events of Andrea Bocelli are truly spectacular and amazing and give music lovers a distinctive experience, and possibly the most excellent is at the Teatro Del Silenzio! If you’re a big music fan; then nothing can be a better option than taking an Andrea Bocelli Tour to spend the summer holidays in Italy.

Andrea Bocelli arranges his musical events and concerts all over the world and pleases thousands of local and international crowds. But what he performs in his hometown – Lajatico is said to be the best of all his performances. The Teatro Del Silenzio is specially built and dedicated for Andrea Bocelli.

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Kick-Start Your Summer With Glittering Andrea Bocelli Concert

Summer is around the corner, and like million others, you must be planning to enjoy these sunny days to the fullest.

So what are your plans for this summer?

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How about getting yourself out from these monotonous summery plans and make something more energizing and engaging?

Or how about taking part in the world-famous Andrea Bocelli Concert in Lajatico and give your summer holidays a glittering and musical kick start?

An Energizing Concert To Enliven Your Summery Days

Every summer; the celebrated Italian singer, composer, songwriter, and record producer – Andrea Bocelli gives a very exceptional, glittering, and engaging musical performance in his hometown of Lajatico, Tuscany. And if you are a music lover, nothing can be better to fire up your summer holidays that taking part in this world-famous concert!

Every year; Andrea Bocelli Lajatico concerts are arranged at the Teatro Del Silenzio, Tuscany, which is an auditorium specially designed and dedicated for Andrea Bocelli’s concerts. With an open-air theatre set against the breathtaking backdrop of the sky-touching Tuscan mountains makes every listener and participant’s experience all the more exclusive and memorable.

The best part is, every year, the theme of the concerts changes so that listeners and guests can have unique and exclusive experiences every year. Some years; it might have a full-fledged opera theme, while for few others, Bocelli performs his all-time favourite arias including some of his most blockbuster hits of all-time.

Booking Tickets Online Is Recommended!

If you’re interested in participating and enjoying Andrea Bocelli Concert without facing any hassles; then advance ticket booking is highly recommended to you. There are several online counters and stores, offering you tickets and hotel packages for Andrea Bocelli’s live shows in Tuscany at Teatro Del Silenzio and you can buy them online.

This package includes tickets for the concert alongside a range of lodging options, show transfers, and shipping of tickets to your accommodation address. Most of the packages are available to order online for the couples or 2 people sharing a double/ or twin room. Triple and single rooms are available only on request.

Customize Tickets As Per Your Needs

All the packages for Andrea Bocelli Lajatico offer guests a 2-night stay, right from the arriving the day before the show. However, if you want, you can upgrade your tickets and add extra nights or can go for any other special requests. You can choose from the range of single, double, triple and group packages for the concert online as well.

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