In our collection we aim to highlight Florence’s hotel treasures, all of them coming with stunning locations, charming rooms and attentive service, not to mention a certain something that sets them apart from the crowd. All of our Andrea Bocelli packages are individually tailored to the exacting needs of our clients.

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Finally, with most covid travel restrictions and protocols finally removed, clients were able to enjoy a magical evening of entertainment lead by Andrea Bocelli and joined on stage by acclaimed guests and international artists.


Due to the global effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Andrea Bocelli Lajatico performance was postponed to 2021 – most of our clients decided to accept the option to re-schedule to the following year. Any clients who decided to cancel were fully refunded by Mulberry Travel. The 2021 performance went ahead however continuing travel restrictions meant most clients outside of the EU decided to once again postpone their experience rather than face an in-hotel pre-concert 5 night quarantine.

2019 – “Ali di libertà” – Wings of Freedom

The performance of Ali di libertà takes inspiration from the 500th anniversary of the death of the aeronautical visionary – Leonardo da Vinci. From the myth of Icarus to the genius of Leonardo’s flying machine, this magical evening promises to excite the senses as Andrea is joined by acclaimed international stars of “bel canto” performing the most popular “classics” and the most beloved songs.

2018 – André Chénier by Umberto Giordano

André Chénier is a verismo opera in four acts by the composer Umberto Giordano and remains Andrea Bocelli’s favourite opera. Loosely based on the life of the French Poet André Chénier (1762–1794), who was executed during the French Revolution. This Opera, in combination with the unique venue that is Lajatico, provided the perfect platform for Andrea Bocelli to exploit the magnificent lyrical-dramatic music for the tenor lead.

Andrea Bocelli Lajatico Concert – 2017

A great spectacle with sumptuous sets and a talented guest list. No one could have failed to be moved by the wonderful voice of the maestro as he performed Nessun Dorma and the Gladiator song to great applause!

See 2017 View from Audience:

Teatro del Silenzio – The Theatre of Silence

Teatro del Silenzio – The Theatre of Silence is so named as the silence is broken just once a year in order for Andrea Bocelli to perform. Construction was completed and the venue was first used in 2006.

Located in Lajatico set in the Tuscan Hills, this open air amphitheatre is a unique backdrop to a most special and rare annual concert.

See 2017 View from Audience:



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