Important Customer Information following the collapse of Thomas Cook Group


Due to the collapse of Thomas Cook Group which unfortunately included our principle the Freedom Travel Group, Mulberry Travel are now part of The Midcounties Co-operative Travel Consortium with a new ABTA membership number of P#### and approved ATOL bond 6053. This means we can continue to offer package holidays and trips with the same level of financial protection to our clients.

Clients with ongoing arrangements booked with us can rest assured that they are 100% financially protected by either the ATOL scheme or via the ABTA bonding scheme. Please read the relevant paragraph to understand the process whereby your arrangements are protected.

ATOL Bonded Packages

Bonded under ATOL certificate 6042

This makes up the large majority of our clients bookings. The CAA who control the ATOL scheme have placed all these bookings with Hays Travel for fulfillment under their ATOL number 5534. We will continue to act as your agent and all arrangements you have made with us will be realised as agreed, at the same cost to you and with the full protection of their ATOL bond from now until you return safely back to the UK.

Bonded under another Tour Operator ATOL certificate

Clients with this type of package will be unaffected by the collapse of Freedom Travel Group as Mulberry Travel acted as your agent on behalf of another Tour Operator and their ATOL certificate continues to offer you full protection on your holiday. Balance payments need to be made as normal and we will issue travel documents from the Tour Operator as normal.

ABTA Bonded Packages

We have a small number of clients who have arrangements which had no flight element and so therefore were not ATOL bonded. These bookings have the financial protection of the ABTA bond scheme which offers 100% financial protection on your arrangements. Unfortunately, the process protecting you involves obtaining a refund of whatever you’ve paid so far for your trip. We have agreements in place with most of our ultimate travel suppliers to re-establish the booked arrangements at the same costs. We will be in touch with every client who has an ABTA package to assist them in claiming back their money and re-booking their arrangements at the same costs as originally agreed.

More information about this can be found at

Experience Optimal Luxury At Orient Express Train

Are you planning an exotic and ultra-glamorous anniversary party for your beloved wife?

Or you are planning for a luxury trip to Venice this summer?

Whether its celebrating your special events or cherishing your marriage anniversary with all trend and style; booking a featured holiday pack for the world-famous, lavishing Orient Express will be the best thing to do. Thoroughly restored and highly maintained vintage carriages, alongside delicious foods, refreshing drinks, luxury onboard services, and stunning outside views; guests can experience the optimal level of lavishness during their trip to Venice.

Venice-Simplon Orient Express – Vintage Rail Travel With Loyalty & Lavishness

Launched initially as an ordinary train, running between Paris and Istanbul; the vintage Orient Express has now become synonymous with glamour, luxury, lavishness, and aristocratic lifestyle. Orient Express UK is more than just a train! Running between the UK to Venice, this train journey is something not everyone can afford. Travelling onboard this glorious and luxury vintage carriage gives you an unparalleled level of exotic, fascinating and aristocratic feeling.

Officially known as Venice-Simplon Orient Express (VSOE); this vintage train takes the route between London and Venice, for offering passengers an optimal and unrivalled level of luxury and upper-class services throughout the trip. Orient Express is now privately owned and controlled by Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) Limited. These trains are all designed with the well-maintained and classically restored train coaches; originating from the old epoch of the 1920s, 30s, and 50s.

VSOE starts its journey from London and slowly moves towards Paris, and finally concluding its trip to Venice. It runs approximately once in a week, from March to November, every year. Less often; the Orient Express Train also travels to other historic cities like Rome, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, and Istanbul. It covers the entire European continent; offering travellers breathtaking views of the European lifestyle, alongside delectable food, posh services, and luxury rail experience.

Making Of Orient Express

The European version of VSOE is made up of the time-honoured, 1920s sleeping-cars which add to the beauty of this classic carriage. The train, during its tour, cut across all the leading European countries including France, Germany, and many other Eastern countries; giving guests an unparalleled view of both modern and old Europe. The car consists of some exotic features like a bar car, dining cars, baggage storage cars, and much more for the guests. Apart from these amenities; the classic rail carriage also entails some lavishing other features like:

  • Archetypal car for baggage
  • Sleeping cars and coaches
  • A fine-dine car and restaurant coach
  • Couchette cars
  • A champagne bar

Book your featured holiday package for oriental express now at Mulberry Travel! To find out the best deals, visit our website now!

Venice Simplon Orient Express – 6 Things You Must Know

The original Venice Simplon-Orient-Express ran in between 1883 and 2009. In its halcyon days, Orient Express was the most popular and luxurious train to run in Europe. With glamorous routes, delectable foods, and unparalleled luxury, the train was one of the most popular carriages of its time. However, with exceptional services; its name became permanently associated with luxury, glamour, stratagem, and even murder!

However, keeping past aside, the tradition of Venice Simplon Orient Express – providing guests the optimal level of luxury still lives on with; running across various locations of the European continents. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express or VSOE makes weekly luxury journeys all across Europe, offering deluxe suites, gourmet meals, refreshing drinks, private overnight cabins, bar car, and dining cars, and highly professional staffs.

Within its wonderfully architected and restored historical train carriages; you can take a signature trip of 36-hours from London to Venice and experience the most lavishing train journey of your life (if you can afford it)! If you are actually planning a holiday in Venice and want to book Orient Express in advance; here’re some interesting facts you should keep in mind always.

Things To Know About Orient Express

Find out everything about this luxury train before you fire up your rail journey and cross a host of luxury European destinations aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Train.

  • Smoking is completely prohibited when you are onboard! In order to meet with the Italian and other European regulations; smoking has been completely banned on board the Orient Express train.
  • You have to maintain a specific dress code while on board Orient Express Venice. You can’t be overdressed. Men have to be dressed in suits and women in smart attires for dinner. Jeans is entirely banned on the train. For daytime and excursions; casual and comfortable outfits are recommended.
  • The staffs of the train only speak some particular languages like French, English, and Italian while on board the continental train.
  • Prices for each segment of the train are pre-quoted. However, you are still recommended to have a small number of Euro for any further purchases. Most of the major currencies alongside travellers’ cheques, Euro Cheques, and all credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, and JCB cards are acceptable on the train.
  • There are some restrictions regarding luggage and baggage of the passengers, due to space deficiency. One piece of handbag and one overnight bag or suit carrier will be placed in your cabin, and one suitcase will be stored in the baggage car. It will remain inaccessible until the journey ends.

Trips on the vintage Orient Express train can last from one to multiple days. However, the traditional route from London to Venice usually takes two days.

Crystal Expedition Cruises Announces Northeast Passage Voyage


Crystal Expedition Cruises’ luxury yacht, Crystal Endeavor, will travel a route that has captivated travellers for centuries when she embarks from Anadyr, Russia for Tromsø, Norway on 18 August 2021. On the 28-night expedition, the 200-guest, German-built vessel will visit some of the world’s most remote islands, archipelagos and coastlines, allowing adventurous guests to explore terrain few others ever have all in luxurious comfort.  

“The Northeast Passage is precisely the type of bold expedition for which Crystal Endeavor is designed, with her PC6 designation and the ability to manoeuvre through medium first-year ice, offshore dynamic positioning, zodiacs and virtually all other gear necessary for such intrepid exploration,” said Tom Wolber, president & CEO of Crystal. “In addition to these technical amenities, she’ll accommodate guests in the highest standard of comfort and luxury, even as they travel to the most remote destinations.”

The voyage departs 18 August 2021 and will visit places that are only sparsely occupied since legendary polar explorer Nils A.E. Nordenskjöld first successfully made the passage in 1878-79. Before that time and since, polar bears, Arctic foxes, walruses, whales and hundreds of species of seabirds are the primary local residents in the region, which is a Russian-controlled trade route in the summer months. 

Highlighted destinations include:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Wrangel Island, one of the last known places on earth roamed by the woolly mammoth, with significant fossilised finds throughout the destination;
  • Franz Josef Land, which was once a Russian military watch-point thanks to its positioning in the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean, now home to polar bears and numerous other wildlife;
  • The New Siberian Islands, which offers more archaeological discoveries, with sabre-tooth tiger bones and mammoth remains having been excavated, as well as what are believed to be tools used by Palaeolithic humans and the most northerly evidence of humans on earth;        
  • Severnaya Zemlya, the last charted archipelago on earth, only added to global maps in the early 20th century; and
  • Cape Chelyuskin on the Taimyr Peninsula, the northernmost point on any continental mainland. 

The voyage will also visit Murmansk, the largest city in the Arctic, and Russian Federation ports Provideniya; Cape Dezhnev & Uelen Village; Kolyuchin Island; Ayon Island; Medvezhiy Islands; Novaya Zemlya; Kanin Cape; Arkhangelsk; Solovetsky & Zayatsky Island, as well as Honningsvåg and the North Cape, Norway. En route, Crystal Endeavor will sail the East Siberian Sea, the White Sea, the Barents Sea and the Laptev Sea. Stops and shoreside access and activities will be largely dependent on weather and sea conditions. There will also be numerous opportunities for zodiac landings and navigation of ice floes and other rugged and fascinating pursuits. On board, expedition guides, scientists and destination experts will further illuminate the journey with engaging presentations and seminars focusing on the unique nature and history of the region. 

Guests on the Northeast Passage journey will enjoy one-night pre-cruise hotel accommodations in Anchorage and a flight transfer to Anadyr on embarkation day.

The Northeast Passage itinerary, which sails from 18 August to 15 September 2021, will first open for booking for Crystal Society members on 20 February 2019, and to the public on 13 March 2019 

The itineraries for Crystal Endeavor’s inaugural season sail from August of 2020 through to January 2021, with voyages of 12 to 22 nights travelling far off the beaten path of traditional cruise routes. The ship’s maiden voyage on 10 August 2020 from Tokyo will be a round-trip 17-night Russian Far East Expedition. These voyages are rich with discovery and will explore the cultural and bio-diversity of Japan and the Russian Far East; Indonesia, Borneo and the Philippines; New Zealand and Tasmania; Australia and the Great Barrier Reef; and Antarctica via the Ross Sea. 

At all times, Crystal Endeavor’s itineraries and visits are subject to the Captain’s discretion based on prevailing weather and ice conditions and government permits. Wildlife sightings and wilderness highlights on any itinerary cannot be guaranteed. 

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Mulberry Travel gains ex-Dragon’s Den entrepreneur support

Former TV Dragons Den entrepreneur Theo Paphitis has given a business boost to luxury travel agency Mulberry Travel.

This came after staff at the Chester-based agent tweeted him about the company during ‘Small Business Sunday’.

It was one of six weekly winners to gain a re-tweet by Paphitis to his 500,000 Twitter followers.

Mulberry Travel has seen a rise in social media followers and an increase in business enquiries as a result.

They are also profiled on the #SBS website ( that is exclusive to all Small Business Sunday winners.

The weekly initiative, set up by Paphitis in 2010, supports small businesses throughout the UK.

Agency founder Lee Higgins said: “We’re delighted to win and it’s great to have support from Theo. We’re very much looking forward to meeting him.”

Paphitis added: “We’re thrilled to welcome new #SBS members every week and highlight just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK.

“My vision is that everyone who has ever won an #SBS re-tweet from me becomes part of a friendly club; like-minded individuals who can share successes and learnings. The website will also give a valuable profile to the winners chosen and I wish Mulberry Travel every success.”

Mulberry Travel

4.93 Average

105 Reviews


Mulberry looked after us well. All bookings went smoothly and we were well informed with clear documentation. The team always responded to our queries promptly and were very helpful. We recommend Mulberry Travel 100%.

Posted 4 days ago

Christine Derbyshire

My husband tells me that I don't usually "gush" about much as I can be quite critical. However,I have not stopped "gushing" about the service I have received from Mulberry Travel From the initial contact with Sasha, seeking a price for a package to the Monaco Grand Prix, to the end of the holiday, the service and attention to detail has been second to none. Sasha carefully took details of my requirements, being that I wanted a complete package as a Pearl Wedding anniversary present for my husband. She quickly provided an excellent itinerary which included flights,all transfers and a 2 night, 5* hotel stay in Barcelona prior to a 5 night cruise on the Azamara Pursuit ship. In addition, tickets to the Grand Prix in Monaco (Grandstand K, facing the marina) were included. The cost of the package was very competitive and I so didn't delay in making a booking. Sasha promptly issued a full itinerary and advised that as flight times weren't available at the time of booking, she informed me that she would contact me as soon as they were available; this duly occurred, offering the opportunity to book seats with extra leg room for an extra cost. I did this and an electronic confirmation of this was quickly issued. Sasha also asked if transfers to the Grand Prix were required - they were - so she told me she would be in touch again once these were available. A few weeks passed and I was pleased when Sasha contacted me to say that the transfers were now available. I purchased them and this was again confirmed by email. Time passed until the final invoice payment was required.This was made via the Mulberry Travel secure payment process after which confirmation of receipt was issued. I was also advised that travel documents would be sent via the post when available and my address was rechecked. I was really surprised and very pleased to receive my documents altogether in a wallet. All appropriate flight tickets along with boarding passes, hotel and taxi vouchers were included in addition to the all important Grand Prix tickets. As I had NEVER received documents for a holiday from any other company in this way, I contacted Sasha, just to clarify that I had, indeed, got everything I needed for this special holiday. She assured me that everything was there and all we needed to do was turn up on the day! She also asked me to let her know how the holiday was once we returned. This,I feel, is excellent, especially for possibly older customers who are likely to feel assured they have everything to hand when going on holiday. What a superb level of customer care! The holiday was seamless from arriving at Manchester Airport, being picked up to take us to the hotel, picking us up to take us to the cruise terminal, cruise check in, and return taxi to the airport. I couldn't fault it at all! The Ohla Hotel in Barcelona is a 5* hotel, in a central location. For future Mulberry Travel guests, we found the service there exceptional, the room a little quirky and well appointed and the breakfast very good.There is a beautiful Michelin 1* restaurant and we treated ourselves to a meal there. Nothing was too much trouble. We stayed on the Azamara Pursuit ship. This was a "boutique " ship , small in size. It was an extremely comfortable, well-appointed ship with possibly the best food we have ever had on a cruise. Our inside, midship stateroom - 7066 - was conveniently located, well appointed and quiet. The service on the ship is attentive without being intrusive. The entertainment wasn't the best, but a White Night deck party was lovely. The food on that night was exceptional with lobster, t-bone lamb, succulent beef, fresh fish and salads. Dessert lovers are spoiled on the Pursuit! The Grand Prix day was excellent. The transfer to Monaco was quick, with a tour guide who gave relevant information. The walk to the race venue was quick and easy and the organisation around the event was excellent. Food and drink, unexpectedly, was not expensive given the luxurious location. When we returned from our holiday, I received a Welcome Home email to ask how the holiday went. I phoned Sasha and we chatted about it. She really seemed genuinely interested and pleased that we had had a brilliant time. I cannot praise Sasha enough for her professional, personal, attentive and exceptional service and would most definitely contact her again to arrange future holidays! Brilliant!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Susan Verrall

Great service, very helpful. Lee went to all the lengths to give us the Orient Express package that we wanted. Polite and knowledgeable. We will be using them again.

Posted 7 months ago

Neil Dowlman

A very efficient, helpful and professional service. Particularly from Sasha who made our 25th Wedding Anniversary holiday very special with the care and attention to arranging excellent accommodation right down to logistics and some lovely touches on making it a holiday to remember - thank you

Posted 7 months ago

William Young

It is the first time we have used a travel agent to book a package holiday which included the travel, hotel and event as one booking so quite rightly your a little apprehensive that everything goes smoothly. We were kept informed regularly before leaving and laterly presented with a very good presentation pack which included the itinerary in date order so we got off to a very good start. The seating arrangements that were pre booked were in a prime position along with the quality of our hotel which Mulberry Travel recommended and could not be faulted due to its uninterrupted views overlooking the coast. All in all this break represented very good value for money and took away a lot of the stress to organize something special whilst using the knowledge of Mulberry travel to good effect. So 5 stars for value and quality from me.

Posted 9 months ago


Andrea Bocelli was absolutely sensational!! Probably the best experience of my life thus far! I'll definitely go again next year & the year after. Mulberry Travel did it all so well... every aspect, the hotel in the best location right by the Ponte Vecchio, the pick up from the airport, dinner before the concert was out of a dream... an absolute perfect dream plucked out of my mind 🥰 Thanks a million Lee at Mulberry Travel.... it was all perfectly seamless 😊😊

Posted 10 months ago


Thank you to Lee and staff for a magical Trip to see Andrea Bocelli. The casa Del Nero was an amazing experience as well. We will definitely be working with you in the future. All the best.

Posted 10 months ago

Paul Lavelle

Mulberry Travel delivered an incredible bespoke travel experience, making all the arrangements for our trip to Florence combined with attending the Andrea Bocelli concert held in his home village in Tuscany. All the travel arrangements were perfect, transfers etc were all on time and so professional. The hotel in Florence was fantastic, no complaints at all. The concert was fantastic and the location for the pre-concert dinner was stunning. An experience my wife and I will never forget! A big thanks to Sasha for making all the arrangements, first class customer service throughout.

Posted 10 months ago


We paid for five, star, we expected 5 star, and that's what we got! Superbly arranged by Mulberry travel, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Posted 10 months ago

Eryl Drew

Really grateful to Sasha at Mulberry Travel for arranging our trip to Tuscany to see Andrea Boccelli. Sasha arranged everything on my behalf and was an amazing experience. We arrived at Pisa Airport where we we were collected by our own driver and taken to our hotel in Florence, a beautiful hotel that was ideally located. The day of the concert we were driven through the Tuscan countryside for an alfresco 5 course meal......was something of a film set, afterwards we we were dropped off at the entrance to the venue. Thanks to Mulberry Travel and Sasha for arranging everything on my behalf for an amazing experience. We'll definitely be booking this trip again......thank you.

Posted 10 months ago

Angela Gledhill

Extremely well organised from start to finish. Had a wonderful trip!

Posted 1 year ago

Dave Box

A fantastic experience on the Belmond Pullman from London Victoria to Liverpool taking in the Grand National. The food on board the train was sublime, I can say no more. Service from Tim, Andrew and Nigel was perfect within carriage Perseus. The train was lovely and each carriage different. Overall my party of four have applied for next year, hopefully we will be successful.

Posted 1 year ago

Glyn Farrar

As I had hoped it was a fabulous and unique experience from stepping out from the Clermont onto the concourse of Victoria Station and almost straight away being approached by Belmond staff to escort us to check in. The ratio of staff to guest on the whole journey was so high to ensure attentive service. I know the British Pullman is denoted as the hors d’oeuvre with the VSOE the main positive course! For us however the Pullman was the ultimate experience. We feel it is our country Britain at its very best! Everything about it is so British with real quality and indulgence. I’m so so sorry and disappointed to hear that the British Pullman service is no longer going to be a feature of Orient Express journeys! I even took photos of the toilets with the mosaic tiles! On the actual Orient Exoress, even though I had done all the research I thought I needed, we weren’t clear that certain wines and champagnes were complimentary Ian’s eyes popped out at the prices of some of the bottles! We enjoyed all our meals though the drinks for breakfast were served in cups and therefore were not hot The transfer to the Ca Sagredo was really well organised and efficient. Though they didn’t say at reception as we checked in, it was clear on entering the room that it was not the Grand Canal Double and that we had been upgraded! We were shown to the Library Suite with balcony onto Grand Canal. Maybe it was through the membership of that hotel group that I have The break in Florence was also lovely with attentive service and friendliness from staff at The Lungarno. That hotel has the best location in terms of proximity to Ponte Vecchio Sasha we were also pleased with the efficiency of the agents you use for the transfers. The timings were so accurate and agsin service very attentive The only slight snag we had was as we got off the water taxi at Venice Santa Lucia. We know now it was separate from that service. A porter was waiting with a barrow and started to load our luggage! It was a short distance to the station concourse yet we were charged 20 Euros as an official transaction with a machine issuing a receipt Apart from that we enjoyed a truely memorable holiday which I can recommend as a unique treat for a special celebration.

Posted 1 year ago

Jeremy Willson

Our trip on the Orient Express can only be described as amazing. From meeting the Pullman at Victoria and travelling through the English countryside the level of Service was impeccable. Meeting the Orient Express in Calais was one of those Wow moments. We were met by the VSOE staff and escorted on to the train the champagne was opened and the Golden age of travel was revived. Lakes and mountains as you travel through the countryside are simply breathtaking. The cuisine on the train was amazing as was our steward that looked after us through out our trip. Arriving in Venice the boat transfers were seamless, and another great experience arriving at our hotel. We stayed at the Liassidi palace hotel, perfectly situated in the city. Venice is just amazing. Wonderful, faultless, brilliantly organised holiday.

Posted 1 year ago


My husband and I have recently returned from a trip on the Orient Express to Venice which was organised for us by Sasha at Mulberry Travel. The holiday was fabulous and went perfectly due to Sasha's excellent organisation. We were glad to have found Mulberry Travel as they made everything very efficient and easy. We would highly recommend them. Vivien

Posted 1 year ago

Paul Gayford

So where do I begin? Firstly thanks to Sasha for arranging an amazing trip for us on the Orient Express and our stay in Venice. Also for holding the trip over from when we originally booked, pre-pandemic. The trip and hotel exceeded our expectations. Attention to detail and seamless transfers throughout were without fault. Many Thanks to Mulberry. We wil certainly approach them again for future trips.

Posted 1 year ago


Excellent travel company. Very professional from booking our holiday all the way through to the end, very well organised. I would not hesitate to use Mulberry Travel in the future.

Posted 1 year ago

David Barker

Can't thank Sasha enough for organizing a fantastic trip to Venice for us. The highlight was an amazing Andrea Boccelli concert, but the L'Oroglio hotel was great, with really friendly and helpful staff. All our transfers worked like clockwork from the speedboat from the airport to the hotel and back, and the limousine to and from the concert. Overall a wonderful few days and we won't hesitate to use Mulberry again.

Posted 1 year ago

Susan Liston

We would like to thank Sasha for all her help in organising our recent trip to Florence and our wonderful evening at the Andrea Bocelli concert in Lajatico. The attention to detail from our first contact through to our detailed Itinerary package was second to none. We hope to use Mulberry Travel again in the future and will certainly recommend them to our friends.

Posted 1 year ago

Robert Walters

Three years ago, pre -Covid we booked a package to see Andrea Bocelli in concert in Lajatico,Tuscany through Mulberry Travel. We returned yesterday from that trip having witnessed the Maestro singing at the Theatre of Silence, with the finale Nessum Dorma ringing in our ears and etched in our memories. This was achieved by the patience and persistence of the team at Mulberry Travel, who were faced with changes of travel dates, cancelled flights, and different airports whilst bombarded by the twists and turns of Covid 19. As a result of their fortitude and determination and our patience, we eventually savoured 3 wonderful nights and days exploring Florence, followed by an equally captivating 4 days on a vineyard in the Chianti region, eating Italian food and drinking home-grown wines whilst relaxing in the sun. Sincere thanks to you all Rob,Lee and Sasha and the team at Mulberry. Bravissimo!!!

Posted 1 year ago

Mick Ferns

Thankyou sasha an mulberryvtravel amazing trip to Florence to see Andrea bochelli

Posted 1 year ago