Orient Express La Dolce Vita – Bella Italia, Venezia & Siena (Rome – Venice – Siena – Rome)

2 Night Journey – Depart and Return to Rome

Travel on an epic two night journey through Italy, experiencing the wonders and secrets of Venice and the beauty of Siena, a Tuscan Gem.

Your itinerary includes a journey of discovery of the mysteries and marvels of Venice and travel onwards to experience the “Medieval Splendors of Siena,” revealing the city’s charm and an immersion into its traditions, crafts, gastronomy and architecture.

This luxury rail itinerary can also be enhanced with a pre or post hotel stay in Rome or form part of a larger fully ATOL bonded trip with flights.

  • Round Trip
  • Two Nights Aboard Orient Express La Dolce Vita
  • All meals and beverages included in fare
  • Excursions & Entertainment

Guide Price from £6,120pp

based on £/€ exchange rate on 12 April 2024



Trip Summary & Highlights
  • Round Trip, Three Days – Two Nights
  • Unique & exclusive Venice experiences
  • Immersive Tour of Sienna – discover traditions, crafts and architecture
  • Day 1 – Depart Rome Ostiense Station 16:00*
  • Day 3 – Return Rome Ostiense Station 18:00*
*exact timings may vary

Detailed Itinerary

Day One aboard the Orient Express La Dolce Vita

  • Board the Orient Express La Dolce Vita at Rome Ostiense Station
  • Enjoy an evening of dining, cocktails and wine, with musical entertainment.
  • Overnight onboard

Day Two aboard the Orient Express La Dolce Vita

  • Enjoy breakfast on board
  • Arrive in Venice for city tour and typical artisanal discover
  • In the afternoon, return to the train
  • Dinner onboard savour cocktails, wine & musical entertainment.
  • Day Three aboard Orient Express La Dolce Vita

    • Breakfast is served, before arrival in Siena.
    • City tour & traditional experience
    • Lunch in Siena
    • Return to train for return to Rome
    • Arrive Rome Ostiense