Board On The Orient Express To Enrich Your Luxury Travel Experience

Are you a travel fascinator?

Do you love to explore new places without compromising with your comfort?

So, how about fulfilling those luxurious aspirations and urges of travelling by some exotic, well-appointed, and plush rail arrangements?

Now, enrich your journey with more excitements, more enjoyments, and more lavishness and with the vintage, the popular and world-famous The Orient Express! Board on a London to Venice day trip on this restored, classic rain and enjoy unique travel experiences with the optimal level of luxuriousness and comfort!

History Of This Classic Carriage

Defined as an icon of style, luxury, and comfort – The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express or shortly known as VSOE is a privately owned and operated the luxury train, running from London to Venice, covering all other European cities. Services of this express train were started in 1982, and now it runs as a lavishing passenger train; boasting vintage carriages, dining cars, and revamped modern arrangements.

Orient Express Day Trips, from London to Venice epitomizes passengers all the extravagance, thrill, enjoyment, and elegance of the golden era of rail romance. The elite cabins are fitted with fine fabrics, antique furniture, well-appointed bedding, and much more. While onboard the train, you can experience the passing sceneries of the European cities, while enjoying the refreshing afternoon tea.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the most popular and storied set of rail carriages in the world that promises you to take on a lavishing and well-appointed tour of all the European cities. Not just across Europe, it can transport you back in the ancient rail romantic time with its restored vintage carriages, its polished woods, antique fixtures, sumptuous upholstery, and uncompromised luxury.

Facilities To Explore

The train has all the luxurious facilities that a modern traveller can wish for experiencing outstanding travel experiences. If you want to visit and explore different European destinations, comfortably, lavishly, and stylishly; then Orient Express Day Trips are just perfect for you! In terms of amenities and services; Orient Express is unrivalled.

The Orient Express train contains 18 carriages, which are restored and modernized for modern, luxury travellers. It includes 12 highly comfortable sleeping cars, three elite dining cars with thousands of delectable cuisines, a vintage bar car with hundreds of refreshing wines and beverages, and two former sleepers, which are available for staffs’ accommodation.

Plus, there are also additional storage rooms for storing the passengers’ luggage and supplies. The renovation of the train was planned with multiple modern technical modifications, to match complete safety and comfort the guests and passengers. For example; the elite dining cars were equipped with contemporary kitchens to serve guests delectable foods while the bar car has all the vintage wines and drinks for the refreshment of the guests.

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