Luxury Opera Package
Andrea Bocelli Live in Marostica, Piazza Castello, Italy
14th September 2016

Andrea Bocelli, the famous Italian Tenor, will be in concert at Piazza Castello in Marostica on Wednesday, 14th September 2016. This performance will be the only Italian concert he has announced, in addition to his traditional appointment at the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico.

Our ATOL bonded packages include a 4 night stay in a luxury hotel in Venice, transfers to and from the venue, concert tickets and return flights from the UK. Marostica is in the Veneto region of Italy, approximately an hour north west of Venice and is famous for its special chess game performed in the piazza on even-numbered years using living characters including horses.

Bocelli will be performing with the Veneto Philharmonic Orchestra Regionale which will be conducted by Marcello Rota.

What's Included
  • Return Flights from UK
  • Private Return Airport Transfers
  • Concert Tickets
  • Private Return Concert Transfers
  • 4 Nights Accommodation

Prices from £1580 pp

* Guide Prices based on 4 nights with flights departing from UK airports.

The Opera PackageHotel SelectionSeating Plan and Venue Information'Time To Say Goodbye'Marostica - Piazza Castello

Andrea Bocelli Live in Marostica at the Piazza Castello on Wednesday, 14 September 2016


  • Return Economy Flights from UK to Marco Polo airport and transfer to the Hotel Ca’Sagredo in Venice. There is a selection of other Venetican hotels available at extra cost.
  • 4 nights accommodation in the luxury Hotel Ca’Sagredo in the heart of Venice.
  • On 14 September at 6.15pm Transfer from the Hotel Ca’Sagredo in Venice by private water taxi to Piazzale Roma.
  • 6.30pm Mercedes E Class to pick you up from Piazzale Roma and take you to the concert in Marostica to arrive at 8.15pm.
  • After the concert you will be taken by E Class Mercedes back to Piazzale Roma in Venice and transferred by water taxi to the Hotel Ca’Sagredo.

Hotel Ca’ Sagredo

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Luna Baglioni

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Gritti Palace

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Hotel Cipriani

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Londra Palace Hotel

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Venice Destination Guide

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General Rules

The following are not allowed in the facility:

  • Backpacks
  • Large bags or purses
  • Strollers
  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Coolers
  • Pets
  • Camera
  • Recording equipment
  • Laser pointers
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Chains/spikes
  • Umbrellas

*Note: grills or fireworks may NOT be brought into the parking lots.
**For the safety of all guests, concert goers may be subject to search.


Smoking is NOT allowed in the venue. An area will be provided outside where patrons can smoke.


Age limit varies per event. Everyone, regardless of age, must have a ticket to enter.

“Time To Say Goodbye”

(English Version) Lyrics
Vocals: Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

When I’m alone I dream of the horizon and words fail me
There is no light in a room where there is no sun
and there is no sun if you’re not here with me, with me
From every window unfurls my heart the heart that you have won
Into me you’ve poured the light,
the light that you found by the side of the road

Time to say goodbye
Places that I’ve never seen or experienced with you
Now I shall, I’ll sail with you upon ships across the seas,
seas that exist no more,
it’s time to say goodbye

When you’re far away I dream of the horizon and words fail me
And of course I know that you’re with me, with me
You, my moon, you are with me
My sun, you’re here with me with me, with me, with me

Time to say goodbye
Places that I’ve never seen or experienced with you
Now I shall, I’ll sail with you upon ships across the seas,
seas that exist no more,

I’ll revive them with you
I’ll go with you upon ships across the seas,
seas that exist no more,
I’ll revive them with you
I’ll go with you

You and me

Italian Translation

Con te Partirò

Quando sono sola
sogno all’orizzonte
e mancan le parole,
si lo so che non c’è luce
in una stanza quando manca il sole,
se non ci sei tu con me, con me.
Su le finestre
mostra a tutti il mio cuore
che hai accesso,
chiudi dentro me
la luce che
hai incontrato per strada.

Time to say goodbye.
Paesi che non ho mai
veduto e vissuto con te,
adesso si li vivrò.
Con te partirò
su navi per mari
che, io lo so,
no, no, non esistono più,
it’s time to say goodbye.

Quando sei lontana
sogno all’orizzonte
e mancan le parole,
e io si lo so
che sei con me con me,
tu mia luna tu sei qui con me,
mio sole tu sei qui, con me,
con me, con me, con me.

Time to say goodbye.
Paesi che non ho mai
veduto e vissuto con te,
adesso sì li vivrò.
Con te partirò
su navi per mari
che, io lo so,
no, no, non esistono più,

Con te io li rivivrò.
Con te partirò
su navi per mari
che, io lo so,
no, no, non esistono più,
con te io li rivivrò.
Con te partirò.

Io con te


Marostica is an ancient medieval town and like most others, there is an ancient gateway to walk through to enter. This town has four gates and back in the middle ages all four would have had a drawbridge and spotting tower. The main gate is called Porta Castello (Castello gate).

When walking through the Porta Castello in front of you can be seen the famous Piazza degli Scacchi (Chess Board Square). It is recognisable by the huge white and slightly pink coloured chess board paved with Asiago stone.

The Piazza degli scacchi is famous worldwide for the chess game with living characters (people and horses) that takes place every two years in September on even numbered years. It brings back to life the atmosphere of a medieval town with colourful costumes and ancient music with over 550 live pieces taking part.

The story behind the chess game is of two suitors who both want to marry the daughter of the local Lord. Instead of fighting a duel for her, they agree to play a game of chess and the winner will have the hand of the beautiful Lionora.

The loser of the chess game would also join the family, through marrying her younger sister, Oldrada.

During the play the game takes place on the square in front of the Lower Castle with supporters carrying the noble ensigns of Whites and Blacks, in the presence of the Lord, his noble daughter, the Lords of Angarano and Vallonara, the court and the entire town population.

The Lord also decides the challenge would be honoured by an exhibition of armed men, foot-soldiers and knights, with fireworks and dances and music”. This literary account has nothing to do with factual history and the chess square in the city was built after the Second World War and after the writing of the play.

This fictional story is now re-enacted in the main square of Marostica every second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September of even-numbered years. The orders are still given to the cast today in the local Language.

It is well worth exploring the lower middle ages castle and the upper castle which takes a couple of hours on foot. The trail is partly cobble stone and dirt tracks so comfortable shoes are recommended. The trail leads through olive groves and once at the top of the hill you can walk around the well-kept ramparts and enjoy wonderful views both southwards and northwards towards the Asiago plateau, taking in the pristine landscapes.

The New Album 'Cinema'

“Cinema” is the new album released by Andrea Bocelli with arrangements from great movie themes and songs from popular stage musicals.

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    Released on 23 October, 2015.

    Produced by David Foster, Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis who also worked together on Bocelli’s “Amore” in 2006.

  • 1 Maria – from West Side Story
  • 2 La Chanson de Lara – from Dr Zhivago
  • 3 Moon River – from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • 4 Piu Ti Penso (duet with Ariana Grande) – from Once Upon a Time in America
  • 5 Be My Love – from The Toast of New Orleans
  • 6 The Music of the Night – from Phantom of the Opera
  • 7 Brucia La Terra – from The Godfather
  • 8 Por Una Cabeza – from Scent of a Woman
  • 9 No Llores Por Mi Argentina (duet with Nicole Scherzinger) – from Evita
  • 10 L’Amore E Una Cosa Meravigliosa – from Love is a Many Splendored Thing
  • 11 Mi Mancherai – from Il Postino
  • 12 Cheek to Cheek (duet with Veronica Berti) – from Top Hat
  • 13 Sorridi Amore Vai – from La Vita e Bella
  • 14 Historia de Amor – from Love Story
  • 15 Ol Man River – from Show Boat
  • 16 Nelle Tue Mani (Now We are Free) – from Gladiator

Andrea Bocelli - Biography

Andrea Bocelli was born on
22 September, 1958 at the family farm in Lajatico and like Puccini and Mascagni, is from Tuscany.

view biography
Andrea Angel Bocelli is an Italian tenor whose music covers the genres of both pop and classical styles. He has been credited with bringing classical music to the top of the international pop charts and is a highly regarded cross-over performer with successful albums of both classical and pop music. He has sold over eighty million records worldwide and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for his duet with Celine Dion, ‘The Prayer’. One of his most famous songs is also a duet and this time with “Time to Say Goodbye” with Sarah Brightman.

Bocelli showed a talent for music from an early age and started playing the piano when he was just six years old. His parents encouraged their musically talented son and he also learned to play the flute, saxophone, guitar, trumpet and drums. He had been born with poor eyesight and completely lost his sight after a football accident when he was twelve years old. This incident, though tragic in nature, also instilled in him a special kind of sensitivity and added depth to his personality that is often reflected in his music.

After leaving school in 1980, he studied law at the University of Pisa. He performed in piano bars in the evenings to earn some money but his big break came in1992 when a demo tape containing Bocelli’s rendition of the song ‘Miserere’ was sent to Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Pavarotti was highly impressed by the young musician and they recorded a duet together that became a smash hit across Europe.

He accompanied Italian rock star Zucchero on his European concert tour in 1993 and sang duets with him but was also given solo sets in the concert. He performed at a concert at the Teatro Romolo Valli in Reggio Emilia in December the same year.

He entered the Sanremo Music Festival where he won the preliminary round with the song ‘Miserere’, and participated in the main Sanremo Festival competition with ‘Il mare calmo della sera’ and won the newcomers section. He released his debut album ‘Il mare calmo della sera’ in 1994 following this win. His album ‘Songo’ was released in 1999 and it reached the top spots in pop album charts all over the world and registered worldwide sales of over 10 million copies. He was nominated for the Best New Artist at the Grammys – the first time a classical musician had been nominated for that category since 1961.

The album ‘Sacred Arias’, released in 1999 featured music composed in traditional Christian style. It had the tracks ‘Ave Maria (Funeral for a Friend)’, and ‘Panis Angelicus’. It reached at No.1 on the Canadian, Italian, and Netherlands album charts.

In 2002, his album ‘Sentimento’ was released and Lorin Maazel, along with the London Symphony Orchestra, was the conductor of the album. The album was critically praised and won several awards and accolades.
His album ‘Amore’ was released in January 2006 for the Valentine’s Day season. A remake of the Elvis Presley’s song ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ was featured on this album. It also had the duet, ‘Somos Novios (It’s Impossible)’ which he had sung with Christina Aguilera.

In 2009, he released his first ever Christmas album, ‘My Christmas’ which was a compilation of holiday favourites in English, Italian, French and German. The only original song on the album was ‘God Bless Us Everyone’. It was one of the best-selling albums of the year.

His 2013 album ‘Passione’ is a collection of Mediterranean love songs and the album contains duets with Jennifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado. The multi-lingual album has songs in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

The album ‘Songo’, literally translated as “Dreams” in English, was a super hit. It spawned the hit singles ‘Canto della Terra’ and ‘The Prayer’ which was a duet with Celine Dion. It peaked at No.1 on the pop albums charts in Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.

His classical album ‘Sacred Arias’ is his most commercially successful classical album. The album reached the No.1 slot in the charts of several countries and has sold over five million copies. It is the biggest selling classical album by any solo artist in history.

Andrea Bocelli is the recipient of seven World Music Awards which include four awards for the Best Selling Classical Artist and three for the Best Selling Italian singer.
To date he has won six Classical BRITS Awards including the award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 2002.

Andrea Bocelli Live in Lajatico 2016

Selling over 80 million records worldwide Andrea Bocelli is one of the best-selling artists of all time, and we invite you to see this operatic spectacular in style and luxury.

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